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Privacy Policy Statement for the Spanish Aerospace Platform

The Spanish Aerospace Platform would like to inform users of this web site of its policy with regards to the processing and protection of personal information collected from users and clients in connection with their visit to the web site or with their use of the services offered on the site.

The term “personal information” shall be understood to mean any sort of information, be it numerical, alphabetical, photographic, acoustic, or any other sort of information about an identified or identifiable natural person.

The gathering of said personal information, its processing, and its subsequent use are subject to the legislation currently in force in Spain with regards to data protection as established by Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as LOPD) and by its supplementary regulations. The Spanish Aerospace Platform will only be held responsible and guarantee the confidentiality and safety of personal information that it has obtained from the user through the web site, and shall not in any way be considered responsible with respect to the processing and subsequent use of the personal information that may be carried out by third party information society service providers acting outside the web site.

When is Personal Information Obtained from the Web Site’s Users?

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby informs users that information may primarily be gathered through emails sent to the electronic addresses featured on the web site’s mailbox, whenever you have included any personal information in the email. Information is also obtained through the form pages the Spanish Aerospace Platform includes on the web site and which identify the Spanish Aerospace Platform as being responsible for the data obtained through such form pages.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby informs web site users that they will be warned beforehand as to which information is optional and which is required when filling out the form pages.

If you do not want the Spanish Aerospace Platform to process your personal information, we ask that you abstain from filling out the web site’s existing form pages. In any event, the Spanish Aerospace Platform will expressly inform you in writing with respect to the conditions under which personal information is gathered and the purposes for which they will be used, as well as whether or not you are obliged to supply the information, the rights protecting users, the means of exercising these rights, and any other additional information that may be necessary.

The term “processing of personal information” shall be understood to mean those technical operations and procedures, whether automated or not, that allow information to be gathered, recorded, preserved, elaborated, modified, blocked and cancelled, as well as the handing over of information resulting from communications, consultations, interconnections, and transfers.

Purpose of Gathering and Processing Personal Information

With respect to the personal information gathered through emails and/or through the form pages on the web site, the purpose of such processing shall be the following:

  • To answer your message
  • To respond to your request for information
  • To include you or your company in our contact list
  • To facilitate future business relationships or to manage a currently existing business relationshipTo manage the information supplied on job applications and/or participation in necessary documentation or information requested, as well as to maintain a record of business relationships and correspondence

Information supplied to the Spanish Aerospace Platform must be accurate and up to date.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby warns that users who are under age or legally incapacitated, must obtain consent from their parents, guardians or legal representatives prior to reporting their personal information. For this reason, the Spanish Aerospace Platform asks that you please abstain form using the email service and/or from filling out the form pages without your parents’, guardian’s, or legal representatives’ consent. The Spanish Aerospace Platform shall not otherwise be held responsible for the minor or legally incapacitated person’s actions.

Rights Protecting Users as Owners of their Personal Information

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby informs users of their rights under the LOPD law. The user may, at any given moment, have access to their own personal information that has been obtained and processed by the Spanish Aerospace Platform; rectify said information should it be inaccurate: remove said information and object to its processing, this last right being limited to cases in which the user consent for processing of information is not required, as long as no law exists to the contrary, and whenever there are justified and legitimate reasons with respect to a specific personal situation, or when processing of the user’s personal information is carried out for advertising purposes or for business research.

The user shall exercise these rights by directing a written notice, accompanied by a photocopy of his/her National ID Document or another valid legal means of identification, to the following address: Spanish Aerospace Platform, C/ Francisco Silvela, 71 E28028 Madrid, or to any address that may replace this one in the General Data Protection Register. Said notice shall contain the following information:

  • User’s name and surname
  • Grounds for making the request
  • Address for notification purposes, date and user’s signature
  • Documents supporting the claim made, if applicable

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby informs users that the exercise of these rights is a personal right, so only the user himself or herself may exercise said rights with respect to the personal information of which he or she is the legitimate owner. Nevertheless, and in exceptional cases where this is admissible, the user’s authorized representative may exercise the rights protecting the user in the terms set forth, as long as said notice is accompanied by the documented proof of their legal representation.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby informs that the exercise of the aforementioned rights by a third party without the user’s legal authorization could be considered an offence of discovery and disclosure as provided for in the second paragraph of article 197 of the Penal Code. Such offence is subject to punishment by prison terms of between one and four years and a fine of between twelve and twenty-four months; without prejudice to other consequences that the offender may face as a result of any civil or administrative action to which both the user who is the legitimate owner of the personal information and the Spanish Aerospace Platform may have a right.

Should the user request to be included in our mailing list so that the Spanish Aerospace Platform may send him or her specific and up-to-date information about the program or issue requested by electronic means, we hereby inform you that you may, at any given time, rescind the consent given for this purpose by writing to the following address and requesting to be taken off said list: , in which case, the information supplied will be removed from the Spanish Aerospace Platform’s processing system.

Recommendations for Users

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby recommends that users utilize the latest versions of computer programs since these versions have better security measures built-in.

Likewise, the Spanish Aerospace Platform recommends that users utilize any security means at their disposal (secure web servers, cryptography, digital signatures, firewalls, etc.) in as far as necessary in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their information, since there is a risk of identity theft and violation of communications.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby reminds users that the Internet is not always as safe as we would like it to be, and that they must therefore adopt the necessary and appropriate technical measures in order to avoid the un-authorized processing of their information.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby warns users that whenever they supply personal information through the Internet or by means of electronic mail, news groups, discussion forums, etc., they should keep in mind that said information could be obtained and processed for purposes that for which the user does not desire them to be obtained or processed. For this reason, the Spanish Aerospace Platform recommends that users inform themselves about the confidentiality and privacy policies of the on-line web sites they visit.

The Spanish Aerospace Platform hereby warns users that they should keep in mind that, unless they use an encryption system, email on the Internet is not secure. Email messages and discussion forums may be subject to forgeries and identity theft, and this must be kept in mind whenever these services are used. If you do not wish to publish your email address, you should set your navigator so that it does not give your email address out to the web servers you access.

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